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23 Jun, 08:48
Bernd G. Schleicher
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Welcome to Keyboardschool24, the ultimative keyboard instruction site online on the Internet. The courses of this unique keyboard school are perfect for all who wish learn to play the electronic keyboard, but do not have the time to attend a class with a keyboard instructor or at a music school. Keyboardschool24 is a real alternative. Learn playing keyboard now! Without appointments. Without time tables. Whenever you want. Daytime, Nighttime, Anytime! And all this for an unbeatable price. Turn your PC into your personal keyboard instructor. No matter whether you are beginner or raiser. You will be helped.

Content of Basic Course

The Course starts with an introductional lesson about the basics of notation. There, the student will become familar with the staff system and a few notes. This basic knowledge then in further lessons will be extented and learned by doing. With regard to the content this means:

  • Different beats like 4/4-, 3/4- and 2/4-Beat
  • Major scales up to one accidental and A-minor scale
  • Instruction symbols like repetition, Da Capo, Coda etc.
  • The correct fingering
  • All neccessary full fingered chords in major, minor and septime
  • The dual voice play by the right hand

Within 15 lessons (Notation + 14 instructional units) the student will be teached everything needed to play easy and mid-leveled music peaces on the electronic keyboard. More than 100 animations and graphics and 92 exercises will lead the student, step by step, to each training aim. All lessons end with a song which represents the learning level of the specific lesson. The student will find more music in a music sheets archive, providing additional music for each lesson. So skills can be consolidated on each level. All music sheets are with samples to listen, fingering instruction and chord symbols. All in all a repertoire of 60 titles! All the sheet music and a summary of each lesson is also available to be printed in pdf-format.

System Requirements
  • Operating Systems Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT4, XP or Mac OS 8, OS 9, Os X
  • Screen Resolution: 800x600 minimum
  • Speakers or Headset connected to PC
Optional Tutoring Service

Who doesn´t want to do the course without immediate support by a keyboard instructor can order an additional Tutoring Service. This service provides optional sessions of real time video-chat with a keyboard instructor. This service is not included in course fee.

Have a 14 days free trial now

You will have access to the first three lessons of the Basic Course. Confince yourself how easy it is to learn playing keyboard by using this course. Take the opportunity and start the trial now!

Shopping Advice Beginner Keyboards

Learning Notes With Computer

keyboards A common question is: which keyboard is right for a beginner?

On the huge market of electronic keyboards, it´s hard for an outsider not to get lost. For me, the most important point is, the keyboard has regular sized keys. In my eyes, Mini-Keyboards even for smaller children are not acceptable. Such keyboards are category "toys" and do destroy more regarding finger technique as they could ever make fun. 61 regular sized keys is a must. Especially as such regular sized keyboards, as no-name product can be purchased for very little money already.

notation A wonderful utility for learning notes is the usage of notation software. Using such a program helps almost playfully to find out how Notes, Rests, Accidentals or other music symbols do effect musical output. The learning basicly comes due to the fact that notation software does not allow what is against general rules in music. So it´s not possible, for example, to place a Half Rest on a space of a quarter value. In such case the software will either deny to accept the Half Rest or will move following notes for a quarter beat.

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