Learning Notes With Computer
by Bernd G. Schleicher - Friday, 26 May 2006, 07:35 PM
  screenshotA wonderful utility for learning notes is the usage of notation software. Using such a program helps almost playfully to find out how Notes, Rests, Accidentals or other music symbols do effect musical output. The learning basicly comes due to the fact that notation software does not allow what is against general rules in music. So itīs not possible, for example, to place a Half Rest on a space of a quarter value. In such case the software will either deny to accept the Half Rest or will move following notes for a quarter beat. In any case the program will prevent breaking musical order. Thus the user has just no choice but to learn from wrongdoing.

Itīs clear that the usage of notation software needs at least basic knowledge of notation. But this can be learned at the lesson "The Basics of Notation" within our Free Trial Version on this site.

There is a mass of notation software out there. Most of them are shareware, some even freeware. I personally do know three of them:

  1. Finale Notepad is a great program. It is easy to use and very clear. Even with the free version itīs tremendous what all can be done with.

    Finale Notepad can be downloaded here:

  2. Magic Score by dgalaxy also is very extensive. The free trial version however is very limited in functionality. A great thing in Magic Score is the build in virtual piano keyboard. So notes can be recorded by just hitting the keys. And while replaying the recorded notes, melody can be watched at the virtual keyboard. Very useful for upcoming keyboarders.

    Shareware version of Magic Score can be downloaded at:

  3. Myriad Software Harmony Assistant and Melody Assistant: I do work with Harmony Assistant myself. Also the keyboard courses are written with Harmony Assistant. Itīs a very powerful program. So fully loaded, I do only use a fraction of features it offers, I guess. Who considers buying notation software should keep an eye on Myriad Software. I can hardly imagine to find a better price/value ratio than with this software. Who works with midifiles for example, gets an almost inexhaustible tool in hand. Myriad does not stop to develop their software. And all upgrades are free for lifetime.

    Download of free software available here:


Much more notation software is available. But I personally know only the three mentioned. I would appreciate your contribution to this topic. Feel free to extent my list and do share your experience with your program.
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