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by Bernd G. Schleicher - Wednesday, 19 April 2006, 08:12 PM
  Taking private keyboard lessons with an keyboard teacher is certainly best. Provided the teacher is a good one, of course. Not everybody can afford private lessons, however. Group lessons, how we know it today, are less suitable to learn playing the keyboard. Unlike in guitar or flute lessons, in keyboard lessons itīs hardly possible for all students to play together. So it only makes sense for keyboard lessons to have small groups of 3 or 4 students. Sharing 45 or 60 minutes, not much time left for a single student. Sometimes group lessons for keyboard are done so called simultanious. With this method, the teacher listens to the students by headphone and mixer incidentally. With this method the student also stays by his own most time.

But the function of a keyboard teacher should not be overrated. The job of a teacher is to instruct, control and to correct if neccessary. For this tasks only a little time is available. The duration of the keyboard lesson. The real success depends on how, between two lessons, the student can realize what he or she learned, and how the student is able to verify exercises by his or her own.

The learning concept of Keyboardschool24 does substitute the teacher by computer. Computers can instruct at least as good as teachers can. Sometimes even more clear and more patient. And by computer, the student gets the capability of permanentely controlling his/her playing, and if neccessary, to correct it.

Summary: Keyboardschool24 can not and want not replace private lessons with a keyboard teacher, can complete it, however. But it is absolutely an alternative to group lessons and itīs unique in the field of self instruction programs.

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