Acceptable Use Policy

  1. General Provision

    The provider of this website as follows called provider. The user of this website as follows called user. Each user does accept this Use Policy by clicking "yes" to accept it. Offences against this Use Policy can lead into cancelation of website access.

  2. Refering Time

    All times on this website, mentioned by provider, refer to "Official School Time".

  3. Privacy Policy

    No information requested at sign-up will ever be given to any third party. User can provide personal information at his/her user profil. Some of this information are accessable for all users of the web site. Information at user profil are the own responsibility of user. For each session, the provider does log information about userīs actions within the website. Including userīs IP address. Data will be stored 30 days and deleted automatically thereafter.

  4. Copyright

    All content published by provider, the courses in special, are copyright protected. It is strongly forbidden, user to provide access to website for any third party without providerīs prior permission. It is also forbidden to copy content in any manner not explicitely allowed (printing for example). Such legal copies also keep providerīs copyrights in any case, however. Third party software used on this website, such as Myriad Music Plug-In and AdobeŪ Acrobat ReaderŪ are independent and free. Their rights are not affected by this provisions.

  5. Forum Posts

    User obliged not to post offensive, obcene, vulgar, calumnious, violent or otherwise criminal content in forums at this website. User also obliged not to publish pictures forbidden by copyright laws, and not to link to webpages with content mentioned before or link to webpages user is not allowed to link to. User allows provider to delete, edit, move or block posts at providerīs own discretion. Provider undertakes all to edit or delete forbidden content as soon as possible. It is not always possible to check all posts immediately, however. 48 hours shall be providerīs reasonable period of time to take action on posts forbidden by this provision. All posts do reflect authorīs opinion, no mather whether provider does disaggree or not.

Extended Agreement For Paid Courses

  1. Conclusion of Contract

    Contract about services is only concluded after course fee has been paid in full. By paying the course fee, user does accept this extended agreement. A course does count as paid in full after fee has irrevocable surrendered to provider.

  2. Withdrawal

    EU-Law requires provider to give user the right to withdraw enrolment to paid courses within 14 days. This time period starts at the moment provider does enable user to login to the specific paid course for the first time. User can declare withdrawel by simple written notice. However, according to legal provisions about the aquisition of software, the right for a refund of paid course fee only exists, when user did not have accessed said course at or after time of withdrawal.

  3. Service Agreement

    Providerīs service counts as fulfilled completely, when service was available to user for at least 95% (ninetyfive percent) of time appointed for duration of specific course. Times, provider was kept from service by "Force Majeure" as well as times for regular maintainance shall be counted as times of service. For times, service provided less than 95%, user can ask a refund of paid course fee proportionate. In such case refund will be calculated under the provision that times of service guarantied (95%) are equivalent to 100% of the course fee. Provider will inform user about planned downtimes for maintainance at least three days prior to action.

  4. Messages

    Messages sent by provider are counted as received by user, as soon as message has been sent through websiteīs internal messaging system or published at news forum. It is userīs own responsibility to set properties in profil to forward such messages to email or to visit the news forum at a regular base. Information about general changes are published in news forum at start page, information about changes in a specific course are published in news forum of the course.

  5. Remaining

    No refund of course fees paid will be granded when user should be banned from web site for fraudulant or offensive use. User and provider do agree not to undertake any legal action regarding this Use Policy, before one of the parties did deny further extra-judicial negoziation, or did not respond to the try of such negoziation in approbriate time. This Use Policy is under law and jurisdiction of the country of provider. Claims are limited to the amount of course fees paid, except claims provider has for violation of copyright, or claims either side regarding damages out of criminal offences.

  6. Closing Provision

    Individual additional agreements need written confirmation. Should parts of this Use Policy not confirm legal requirements, the Use Policy in general stays into effect. In such case, not legal provisions will be changed into legal provision with same sense. The, at any given time, valid version of Use Policy shall be in power. Changes to this Use Policy shall come into effect, when user does not deny changes within 14 days of notice. Notice in the sense of the foregoing does mean: provider to inform user at startpage of the website in a manner good to see for everyone.

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